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Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 554-7211
Email: info@agapeflowstudio.com
Website: www.agapeflowstudio.com

We love  new students! 
Relax your mind, and simply show up with no expectations. We will lead you every step of the way. Teaching, guiding and offering modications or perhaps even an option to go deeper. We wil help you learn to listen to your body as well as honor it. Your work is to simply show up. Here is a list of our most common topics of discussion with new students. We hope you find them helpful.

What to Wear
Tank top
Sports bra
yoga pants
Easy on/off shoes
Whatever you decide on, be sure that you can stretch and move comfortable. For heated classes, you might consider; sports bras, tank tops, leggings and shorts.
For slower classes, consider layers. This will allow you to peel layers off for the cooling segments of your class.

What to Bring
Yoga Mat
Water Bottle 
Towel (For vinyasa or heated classes)
Hair clip/ties

Arriving to Class
Check-in at front desk (purchase your pass, if needed)
Remove shoes and turn off your phone
Set belongings in a cubby
Smile, roll out your mat and be awesome 

Yoga Etiquette
Arrive on time. Late arrival can be distracting and/or disruptive to those that have begun their practice. 
Avoid use of heavy perfumes/fragrances. 
Turn OFF your electronic devices. A vibrating phone is just as distracting to you and others as a ringing phone. 
Keep chatting light and positive before and after class. 
Once class begins, avoid chatting. If you need help, quietly call your instructor over to your mat for assistance. 
Bottled water in studio only, please. We are an aromatherapy studio and ask that you enjoy your coffee away from the studio.   

If you still have questions, please contact us. Our studio information is at the top of this page. Namaste'.